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January 01, 2006



He's a cute pup - Springer????

Tara Morin

Oh my....has Henry ever grown! My goodness his EYES are killer eyes. Glad to hear you had a good holiday. We are waiting to go sledding with Noah, we picked up a GT Racer at a garage sale last year for $1.00. He was thrilled...so thrilled that in the summer he was trying to use it down the grass!!! He can't wait to 'hit the hills'! Happy New Year to your family from ours!!


OMG, those dog pics are the best. Love the blue collar. The tobogganing looks awesome, so Canadian. :)


Wonderful photos Leslie...looks like a lot of fun. Happy New Year to you and yours. May it be joyous and prosperous!

danielle thompson

Love those pics Leslie and so glad you had a nice holiday! :-)


OMG, the pup is just adorable. How are you handling the kids and the dog? I have two dogs and one kid and I am just loosing it over here....

Hope 2006 is great to you!


henry is quite the cutie - a great addition to your other two adorable ones. :) those eyes!

shawn b

Oh my goodness great shots of the colorful children outside but what an ADORABLE puppy. Kudos!


omgosh he is precious!! he's a Spaniel of some sort right? i have an American Cocker Spaniel named Casey (blond & white)--he's 2 1/2 years. i'd love to get one the coloring of yours when we get a 2nd...

we did crate training. Casey never had a mistake in the house. he finally "got it" though at about 4 months. felt like FOREVER at the time but really they are just babies. one day the bulb just clicks on, i swear. the best advice i can give you is be consistent. take him out the same door, to the same spot & give the same command EVERY SINGLE TIME. when he goes, praise him like heck!! love on him, get excited--he wants to please you & this will reinforce it. you also have to keep in mind that everything makes a puppy need to go. playing. excitement. eating. drinking. napping. i would take Casey out of his crate & immediately outside--if he went, then he got to stay out for 30 minutes. if he didn't, he went back in his crate & we tried again later. it's important that Henry understands that being loose in the house is a privilege, not a right. when you have him out with you, you'll probably need to bring him outside every 30-60 minutes. (if he can make it an hour without a mistake, great--if an hour leads to a mistake, start cutting the time down.) he's not really going to ask to go out for a while yet--good signthat he needs out is very intent sniffing--the kind that gives the impression he's searching for something, as opposed to the curious, exploring sort of sniffing. when in doubt, take him out!

if you have any ?s you can feel free to email me! =)

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