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May 16, 2006



Oh to be little again. I love the one of Keaton with his face just covered. The side shot shows how much the two kids look a like especially their lips.


I so wish I was the kind of mom who let her kids do this stuff... this looks like so much fun. I think I really need to lighten up! lol SUCH cute photos! :)

Vicki Boutin

OMG!!!!! How long did it take you to clean them up! hee hee!! Looks like they had a blast!


i'm another mom who would never let my kids do that ... but they look like they're having a ball! why do i have to be so anal about being clean! lol!


that looks like so much fun!

Jill Godon

Leslie, I can't believe how grown up Keaton & Chloe look now... not the babies they used to be! It's so cool watching them grow through your photographs and scrapbook pages. Those pictures are so lovely - I only wish my son wasn't so afraid of getting dirty! Kids should most certainly be kids! Looks like they had tons of fun :) Thanks for sharing, as always!


LOL - they are too cute! And too MESSY! ;)

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