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January 03, 2006


shawn b

I loved the photo and the LO. Congrats!


shoot--i feel bad I missed that the photo was taken by you. It is georgous and so is Macey!! How fun for the both of you.

I got to do two layouts for the AL girlie fonts CD and everytime we go to the craft store, Savannah wants to see her and Amelia's layouts. :)


It really is a GORGEOUS shot Leslie! One of my fave covers ever - the colors are just so vibrant! Congrats again!


it's a gorgeous pic, leslie! congrats to you and Macey both! ;)


Leslie...this is so funny. I got the mag last week at Walmart and showed the cover to DH and told him look at this *beautiful* little girl. I thoroughly enjoy every page of this issue...


How did you get your picture to be considered for a cover? Just wondering.


I have to agree- this cover really WOWED me. I'd say one of my favorites, DEFINITELY!!! That photo is awesome. Those eyes just grab ya. And Rhonda totally rocked the LO! Congrats, Leslie. I *LOVE* your cover shot!


this cover REALLY blew me away, as did that photo! :-)

Christine T.

great photo!

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