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January 07, 2006



Lucky lucky gal! I am with you 100% on the iPod thing. My hubby surprised me with the iPod video 60GB too and I am having so much fun with it. I can't go anywhere without it. You will soon become addicted to iTunes. I downloaded a music video and it is just so amazing. Can't wait for more TV shows to be available for download and I want to try copying a movie DVD onto it so I can take it to crops. Thanks for sharing your downloads! I am totally into that Ashlee Simpson L.O.V.E. song right -- just fun happy music! Can't help it... :)

Rhonda Steed

Looks like you got the fancy new photo one. My husband just has the mini and I got a little adapter from Shoppers Drug Mart for like $20.... and so far - works like a charm. Then again, we just got it for Christmas..... so in a few weeks I might not be so positive. They had a variety of car adapter thingys there.
Love your blog!


i'm another that listens to that song by ashlee ONLY while at the gym. congrats on your new ipod! :) i love this adapter that i have for my mini that works not only in my car but also to charge in any outlet if i'm away from my computer - not sure if it'll work with your nano though...



Aren't Ipods fun!?!?! Just like you, didn't think I can live without it now that I've got it. In fact, it's in my scrub pocket as I type. Never very far from me.

Try yourself some Josh Kelley....Only You, Hard Times Happen, Lover Come Up. Love this guy. And Wordplay by Jason Mraz. Happy music.


I totally love my iPod. I bought one for dh for Christmas and then we won one and he let me keep it. I bought dh a FM transmitter at Costco that was only $24. Dh doesn't mind it but I don't think it sounds that good. I hope you get some good recomendations because I want something for my car too but don't want to try different things because the accessories are so expensive.


What a great gift!! My husband recommends the DLO transpod...


Just got one for Christmas, too. :)

"Fear" is how I fell in love with that song & group...so funny you remember it being from that movie, too! :)


my DH LOVES his Nano. But hasn't had great luck with his car adaptor unfortunately.. the key is finding a good reception... some people don't have any problem though! good luck! :)

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