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January 19, 2008



love it, love it, love it... and her too!


She is toooo cute....even with a short hairstyle!


Simply gorgeous. Liseanne, when she was little cut Suzanne's hair while she was riding those stationary horses that go back and forth and did a good job. Whrn I was in Grade Thirteen at the age of 18 I was watching reality bites and decided that I did need to shave my hair like the girl did and Liseanne came home and begged me not to shave it. So I had this really messy short do even for prom. It doesn't matter what age. LOL


Very cute! Those eyes and smile seem to be saying, 'Catch me if you can!' Great cut!


she looks adorable!!

laura vegas

she looks so cute with her new haircut. luckily, my girls never tried cutting their own hair ... i think i'd totally freak if they did. lol!

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