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May 31, 2008


Robyn W.

Hey girl - how are you? Ok, my advice - don't get a Saturn! You will regret it big time - trust me! My sister had a Honda Pilot for a few years and totally loved it! They are a great company and have the best cars - if you want one that will last you a good long time and won't be in for repairs - go for the Honda! But, please not the Saturn! LOL! Hope that helps a tiny bit! Hugs!

tara pollard pakosta

what about the Toyoto Sequoia?
they are beautifUL! and have 3 seats. they are nicely driven toO!

the law here in IL is the same as yours with them having to be 8 years old and 80lbs. well my girls are only 50lbs now at 8.5 and almost 7. so I think they will be in a booster til they are 12 LOL!

Melissa Ouellet

I know you do not want a van but the Honda Odessey is much better on gas than the pilot. I would recommend getting the pilot out of those three if I had to choose, There is a better resale for Hondas and it is still not the worst gas guzzler compared to some SUV's

Shannon Tidwell

I just bought a GMC Acadia AWD yesterday:) It's similar to the Outlook, just a bit more plush on the inside.

laura vegas

i'm of no help with cars! but i'm totally laughing at tara's comment. my oldest daughter only weighs about 65 pounds ... and she will be 12 years old in a few months!!! lol! i think she may learn to drive sitting in a booster seat!


Buy the Honda Pilot. We traded our mini van in last year and got the Pilot for alot of the same reasons. When this one gets older I will probably get another. Very happy with it!

Mechanics Info

I also prefer a van when it comes to cars, so the entire family could use it. I prefer a Starex or CRV as a family car.

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