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May 14, 2010



Sweet photos girl...you have such an adorable family! So glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day as a family of 5!!!


gorgeous photos!!

so funny but the when i just glanced at the pic of chloe it looked like she was holding doodie.. stupid, i know- but thought it would give you a laugh where my mind is ;)

Louella Turvey

I HAD to comment, you have AWESOME photographs! You are a wonderful photographer, look at the colors on the eyes! Wow, I don't often feel I must comment, but your photos made me feel like I wanted to share how I felt with you! Thanks for sharing, you've inspired me to take a closer look at the way I photograph things! Louella

Julie Deziel

OH MY GOSH! I lost your blog for awhile and finally found the link. Wow, have I missed some good things. I love all of your photos and I think your photography website is amazing. You do such great work.
and yes, you are one lucky momma! :)

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